Hoopdance Magie: Lees hoe ook jouw leven Magisch kan veranderen!

When I first picked up the hoop I didn’t know what a huge impact it would have on my life. I also did not know that hope dance existed. Hoopdance Magic slowly entered my life. A world opened up for me. It became my full-time business. The versatility of the hoop taught me to live in complete freedom and creativity. I had finally found a form of movement that I really liked. And I, a shy introverted woman, who is not flexible and has a fear of failure, became a professional hope dancer. A performer on stages such as Thuishaven and The Zoo Project Ibiza! I have now learned about 300 girls hoop dance and believe me, they fly past me and experience all the benefits of hoop dance that I am talking about and some are also ready to become performers! My mission is therefore to let as many women as possible experience Hoopdance magic. If I can do it, you can too!


Do you also wish to discover a cheerful, colorful form of exercise? Do you want to feel good in your body again and have fun when you move? Would you like to emphasize your feminine graceful sides and feel sexy again? Hoop dance is a magical dance. Feeling the rhythm is necessary to keep the hoop high on all parts of your body. Never miss a beat will be your mantra. You don’t have time to think because then the hoop will fall. This way you train yourself to really enjoy exercise. For a moment you stop thinking about your shortcomings and to-do lists. Hulahoopin ‘mission is to bring color, creativity and movement into the world. Hulahoopin ‘therefore wants to introduce hoop dance to as many women as possible. You build confidence in and through the rewards of the hoop. You also really learn not to give up.


Hoopdance is a wonderful and powerful tool to calm your thoughts. Do you also find meditation so difficult? With every hoop dance session you also meditate right away! You give your body new energy and you become still inside. What else do you want? It makes you incredibly creative because there are so many options. Whether you learn crazy tricks with just your hands, or whether you keep hooping purely on-body. Are you going to add light to it or are you going to put on nice clothes? You can also just dance in your jogging suit and challenge yourself to keep the hoop spinning longer and longer. Hulahoopin ‘wants to inspire you to pick up the hoop and to further develop your own unique self with it!


Hula hooping is so incredibly creative. The Hoopdance magic comes about through the meditation in motion, the reward and the movement of your body. If you want to improve your life then meditation is one of the most powerful things you can do. You can meditate while sitting on a cushion. But what if you add hope dance to that? That’s pure magic! A creative energy is released from within. From this energy you can choose your own adventures. Hula hooping, drawing, dancing, writing poems, making or buying costumes, body painting, making videos, breathing and just being. The hula hoop is a navigation system and mechanism that you can use to embrace life and have fun moving. Hoop dance magic teaches you to be creative again and to realize changes in yourself and around you.

Do you also want to start with hoop dance? Get an adult dance hoop and sign up for the free live Hoopdance session that is given every Wednesday morning from 09:00 – 10:00. Can’t you be there? Then you get a live recording. So registering makes sense anyway! It is unique that you can now follow these sessions from home for free! Sign up on this page and enjoy a truly wonderful unique colorful dance workout!

Check out my adventures on instagram and follow my adventures. I am posting my own flow and transformation here. My own hope dance magic. Thanks to the hoop, I can only say yes to color, creativity and movement. This brings me to the most amazing places. Collaborations are also established with the most special people! All thanks to the hula hoop!

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